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Adopting - 4 easy steps to apply for your new dog family member:


1) Click on Adoption Application to complete it online or download and complete the application at your convenience and send it with video or photos of your yard, perimeter on fencing and gates and with photos where the dog would sleep or spend time when you are gone to:

Please note: In order for a smooth and successful file transfer, we beg you to consider that attachments may not be bigger than 1 MB.

In case you want to send more photos please split and send it in 2 emails. Thank you in advance:


2) A representative of Recycled Love Dog Rescue will repond to you. We will try to respond in a timely manner please allow at least 48 hours to get back to you.


3) We will schedule a time with you for a Home Check / Meet and Greet when application is reviewed.


4) When your application gets approved and the meet and greet is love at first glance we will prepare you with all information of need and time you can introduce your new family member in its forever home.


When you are new to adopt a dog or a first time owner to be, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will answer your questions in a timely manner. If you adopt a Recycled Love Dog and need ongoing advice for training of the new family member to have a good start, we will connect you with a trainer very knowledgeable and phone conversation for free. In case you feel you need hands on training support with a trainer, our trainer will offer advice at humble costs, providing the help you may need, at charges beyond a professional trainer asks for, very knowledged and as compassionate as everyone who volunteers for Recylcled Love Dogs. (On hands training only available in certain areas, please contact us about included areas.)

Adopting at Recycled Love:


We are a small group of volunteers who are passionate about the dogs in California

and devote our time, energy and resources to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing

abandoned, neglected and unwanted dogs all over Southern California.


Our mission is to make sure the dogs in our care are placed with the best, most

appropriate homes for their personalities and needs so that they will never again

know the feeling of rejection or being turned out. Please be completely honest with

your answers on this application so that we can get the best idea of the type of dog

that will suit your home, family and lifestyle.

Adoption Fee:

Recycled LoVe DoG Rescue is an all volunteer based rescue, funded entirely from donor support and adoption fees. As an All Breed Rescue, we safe dogs of all breeds*, ages and needs, puppies, adults, seniors. Each dog requires individual vetting, to their needs and we are working tirelessly to make sure they get the best care and treatment, as comfortable for them as possible. Due to rising veterinary costs, we are forced to restructure our adoption fees, so you will find your new family member all vetted and ready to go home with you.



** Discounted adoption fees are offered, for adopters who already adopted a Recycled LoVe DoG prior or for adopters who offer a loving family and forever home for 2 Recycled LoVe DoG's **


Recycle LoVe ~ Adopt a Homeless DoG

we provided all care possible - now it is your turn to love them (or spoil them) as they deserve.

We are happy to share, that RLDR has partnered with Alicia Pet Care Center. A wonderful facility with highly experienced and very caring Veterinary staff . The goal is to make it as comfortable and convenient for you in Orange County in the event your pet Meow or Bark that they have medical needs. Do not miss the great program offers* when you adopt a dog and bring it in to Alicia Pet Care Center you receive a FREE initial exam and a 12 month discount on services.

* More details in the flyers at our adoption events or visiting their website for more information.

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