What is a Recycled Love Dog?

We believe that all dogs, as any other pet or animal, have feelings known by human nature. Happiness, sadness, anxiety, love, pain or other feelings. We know, dogs sense these feelings and have them too. Dogs have the ability to love again when given a chance, showing love and care is what usually allows an animal to trust again in humans and in return will reward humans with unconditional love for a lifetime. To provide this chance for dogs at Recycled Love Dog Rescue, we work daily on the task, to unite special dogs and special people through adoption of a Recycled Love Dog. The loving option to help the voiceless in need. In order to help you find the perfect family member under Recycled Love Dog Rescue, please take a look at our Adoptables, all of them are ready to make a single person or a big family happy by you offering a loving and caring forever home to them.

Foster parents and homes are a dire need for us to be able to save as many lives as possible from being killed at the shelter, for space, a simple cough, ... When you can't adopt but are able and willing to open your heart and home for a dog in dire need

please feel welcome and invited to enjoy this special journey with the dogs at Recycled LoVe Dog Rescue. To apply for fostering, please click on Foster Application to download and complete the application at your convenience, send it with video or photos of your yard, perimeter on fencing and gates and with photos where the dog would sleep or spend time when you are gone to 

Recycled LoVe DoG Rescue


Please note ONLY completed applications with video or photos can be reviewed.

All completed applications are handled first come first serve when approved.

REHOME- a new tool for petowners who need to rehome their beloved pets!

Did you see how Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com and the Petco Foundation, the groundbreaking peer to peer pet adoption platform, was featured in USA Today? The news is spreading! More pets are staying out of shelters and off of Craigslist,

thanks REHOME a platform for owners in need to relinquish their beloved pets.

How It Works

Let's help you keep your pet!

Although our service can help you find a new home for your pet, we’d much rather help you guys stay together.

We know that having a pet isn’t always easy, but did you know that there are many resources out there that can help?

We’ve here a collection of some of them below, grouped by the type of help they provide.

Keep Your Pet

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